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Welcome to Bookpedia

Bookpedia lets you create an efficient and powerful digital library of your book collection.

Organize your books fast and thoroughly
Building up your library is easy. Just enter a title or keyword, such as "Lord of the Rings" or just "Frodo Ring", and let Bookpedia retrieve all the necessary information from the web. You can also add and edit information manually.

Know where your books are
Bookpedia lets you keep track of all your lent out books in a fast and easy way. You can keep a record of who borrowed which book at what date, when it is due and whether it was returned or not. Bookpedia automatically marks all borrowed books so you know at a glance what's in and what's out.

Keep a wish list
All those books you always wanted but haven't had a chance to buy yet? Keep them in your wish list so you don't forget. When you add them to your library at a later point you can simply take the wish list marking off and they become part of your collection.

Create collections
Bookpedia lets you organize your books in any way you like. For example, you can make collections for different genres or your favorite author. Or make smart collections that update themselves automatically.

These are just some examples of how Bookpedia lets you organize and keep track of your book library. To learn more, browse through the topics on the left or type a keyword into the Help search field.

We welcome all suggestions about how Bookpedia could help you better manage and organize your books. Email us support AT with feature requests, bug reports or support questions and check out the Bruji Forum to talk with other Bookpedia users and get news about our products and features.