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On your iPhone / iPad

The DVDpedia database and data folder

Your DVDpedia database information is kept in a folder called "DVDpedia" apart from the actual application so if you should delete from your computer by mistake, your data will be safe.

By default, the DVDpedia data folder is located in your Home folder under ~/Library/Application Support/DVDpedia. It contains the following files and folders:

Additionally, the DVDpedia folder may also contain the following:

Moving the database

You can set up different data folders in the above manner to keep more than one DVDpedia library on your computer. Call the new data folder(s) whatever you like, it does not have to be 'DVDpedia'. Just make sure it is something specific so you remember which folder belongs to which database.

To see the location of your current data folder, go into your DVDpedia Preferences > General.

To move DVDpedia and its data to a different computer entirely, make a copy of the data folder and move it into the exact same location on the new computer, all while DVDpedia is NOT running.

Sharing a database

To share a DVDpedia library between two or more computers, move the DVDpedia data folder to a location where all computers have access to it, like a public folder or a shared hard drive. The move works the same for all users as described in the section above.


If you're sharing a database between several computers but don't want all the users to have editing privileges, you can manage this via the Mac OS X permissions.
Change the DVDpedia permissions by selecting the DVDpedia data folder and choosing 'Get Info' from the File menu. Under 'Ownership & Permissions' you'll see that you (the User) can "read & write" to the folder. For the group, set the permissions to "read only".