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Working with DVDpedia

On your iPhone / iPad

Working on Selected Entries

Edit entries

In the list view you can also edit information directly inside a column by selecting an entry and then clicking on the specific field to edit.

To edit an entry when you are in the grid view, double-click the cover to bring up the edit window.

To bring up the edit window from inside the details view, either click on the Edit link inside the template (depending on the template) or right-click (ctrl-click) anywhere inside the details view and choose 'Edit' from the contextual menu. Of course, the usual shortcut of Command-E works as well.

Edit multiple entries

To edit more than one entry at a time in the list or grid view,
If the entries have information in common for a particular field such as the same director, this information will appear in the multiple edit window.

The tags field is special in this regard as it will always show you all the tags the selected entries have in common. This is because the tags field treats each tag as a separate value. So you can add tags to multiple entries or remove those the entries have in common.

To edit the information in the drop-down menus, such as the Genre field, go into the DVDpedia Preferences > Autofill, choose the field you're looking for and use the plus and minus button at the bottom of the window to add or delete entries in the menu.

Copy or duplicate entries

Rate your entries

Assign a star rating (0-5, including half stars) to an entry to indicate how much you like it.

You can also use the list view to assign a rating to an entry.

Add links to entries

You can link most types of files, URLs, images or movies to your DVDpedia entries.

To view a file, URL, image or movie that's been linked to an entry,
To link a movie from your hard drive to an entry, you can link either the ISO image, the VIDEO_TS folder or a movie file such as .avi. That way the movie will launch automatically when you click on the link later.

Pro Users: If you'd like to set VLC as your default movie player in DVDpedia, open the application Terminal found in Applications/Utilities and type in the line below, followed by a return:

defaults write com.bruji.dvdpedia "VLC for VIDEO_TS" -bool YES

To change the name of a link,

Link entries to each other

To link entries within the program to each other, for example entries belonging to a box set,
To link entries across the Pedias to each other, follow the same procedure as described above.

To create a link to a DVDpedia entry in another application,

Use Spotlight for searches

Using Spotlight for searches in your DVDpedia database means you don't even have to run the program to find a particular entry.

Cover Flow
With Cover Flow in the Finder you have the option to display each file as a large preview of its first page, a view that most users will already be familiar with thanks to iTunes. To turn Cover Flow on, click the Cover Flow button in the Finder window toolbar.

Quick Look
Quick Look gives you a glimpse of a file without having to launch an application. For DVDpedia this means that you can browse your collections without actually having to run the program. Almost all of the information is available right in the Finder through Quick Look. To trigger Quick Look, tap the Space bar or click the Quick Look icon in the Finder window.

Smart folders
Store your Spotlight searches for your DVDpedia entries and flip through them at any time so you don't have to perform a new search in Spotlight every time. Do a Spotlight search using 'PediaItemDVD' and then save the search via the 'Save' button in your Finder window.

To see these features in action, take a look at this video on our website.

Create .dcards

Dcards are small XML files you can create, for example to email to a friend. To create a .dcard, select one or more entries in the list view and drag them out to your Desktop.