How to Create Your Own Automatic Online Library

Without writing code or creating a website (hint: it's magic).
Step 1.

Contribute your library collection from any Pedia program*.

* You must have a Doghouse account to contribute entries. If you don't have one yet, open "Settings" under the Doghouse menu, enter a username and password, check Sync my library to Doghouse and click on Login. You will also need the latest beta of the Pedia.


If you already have a Doghouse account, just open the Doghouse -> Settings window and check Sync my library to Doghouse then click on Login. You only need to do this once to send the initial sync command to our servers. Once that checkbox has been enabled, the Pedia knows to keep your Library up to date.

Settings Window
Step 2.

Login to your Doghouse account, go to your library by choosing Library from the User Options Menu.

edit user

On the right in the menu bar you will see the state of your library. At Bruji, we value your privacy so by default it is private, no one but you can see your online library. You need to explicitly allow access to it, by clicking that link to make your library public. Click it again to reset it to private. A locked icon means Private, open lock means Public.

libraries Menu
Step 3.

Send your friends your new, magical link with your Pedia libraries.

The link is: where user_name is the Doghouse user name you registered with.

So, for example, if your user name is alex, your online library link is:

Click here for an example email ready to send, just change user_name with your name and you're off.

Details / Caveats


This magic does come with a few, small limitations:

  • Some of your entries may not be present (more about this below).
  • You can't choose which entries of your library to share, it's all or nothing.

Why would some entries be missing?

Say you contribute a movie but you misspelled the title (for simple titles Doghouse is pretty good at catching misspellings, but complex titles are impossible to catch). If you view your online library after contributing, chances are you'll see the movie listed.

Now let's say a moderator sees that the movie is a duplicate and deletes your entry. You will still have it in your DVDpedia library on the Mac but it's no longer in our Doghouse database as our database has the same movie but with a different ID number.

The movie will not appear in your Online Library because it was deleted from Doghouse.

Some of my contributions aren't ever shown.

In order for a contribution to show in your Online Library it must first be accepted by Doghouse. When you contribute entries there is no indication if one is rejected or not. We do this to keep the program running smoothly while the contributions are uploaded in the background.

A contribution might be rejected because it doesn't have an image or the image is too small or it is an inappropriate entry.

How do I know if a contribution was accepted?

In your Pedia program, right-click the column titles and choose Dog Tag to show the dog tag IDs for each entry.

If the entry has a valid dog tag after contributing then it was accepted or matched an existing entry and should show up in your Online Library.

A valid dog tag is any positive number, that is any number above 0. If you see a negative number (-1 for example) the contribution was rejected.

Accepted entries
Does this mean that ALL my Pedia entries will be in the Online Libray?

No, just the ones from your library collection with valid dog tag.

This is great, I love it, but there are entries I don't want in my Online Library, what do I do?

Remove the dog tag for those entries by selecting them and choose "Remove Dog Tag" from the Doghouse menu..

Power Tips

A few tips for power users:

  • You already know that the link to your online library is where user_name is your Doghouse user name.
  • For a specific library, add /pedia/ before /library/.
  • For example: will display only your Bookpedia online library.

Easily Flip Between Private and Public

You don't need to go to your Edit User Profile page to manage the state of your online library, you can do it all with the click of a button.

1. Go to your online library

2. On the right, look for the link that says Your library is ... Public or Private, depending on its state

3. Click that link and it will flip the state, making it Public if Private and vice-versa

libraries Menu
Your online library's link is always just a click away

Your library is always accessible from the User Options menu.

Just click the icon for the dropdown and you'll see a link labeled library that will take you straight to it.

User Options Menu
My entry won't get accepted no matter how many times I submit it.

The easiest way to fix this is to make sure your information is accurate: check the title, language, IMDb number, etc. Then remove the dog tag by selecting the entry and use the "Remove Dog Tag" command from the Doghouse menu. Then resubmit your entry.

Change Library state from the Edit User page

You can also manage your Library's state (Public or Private) and see your unique Library address from the Edit User Page:

Edit User
Check your Online Library Sync Status

If you have more than one pedia, you can easily check the status of each in the same Doghouse Edit user page.

Green means Sync is on, Red means it's off. In the image below, only DVDpedia has sync turned on.

Edit User

Of course, you can also check it from the pedia's Doghouse-> Settings Window.