The new Amazon Search

Since the release of version 5 of the Pedias the Amazon search is no longer accessible automatically. Instead users have to sign up for their own AWS account. Please refer to the online Help files for more information.

5 Responses to “The new Amazon Search”

  1. nemrod Says:

    Hi !
    I’m sorry i find all the amazon process a little to much complicated …
    despite I’m a advanced web user.

    So after signed in with my usual account on, I logged in on AWS with the same account – and because I didn’t want to enter another process where I give my credit card information – I stop it there… BUT :)…
    I looked for “credential” and found “Security Credentials” in the footer.
    This page gave me the Access key and the Secret key I needed.
    In the “Amazon settings” in Bookpedia I’ve let the gray “BrujiXXX” id and …

    The search Amazon database seems to work well

    Is it OK to continue like this ???

    As you’ve read it, the English language is a bit hard for me so I’m not sure to understand everything … 🙂

  2. Nora Says:

    Yes, you’re all good to go. Sorry the Amazon sign up isn’t easier but now that you are signed up you’re set and won’t have to do it again.

  3. nemrod Says:

    Cool – thanx 🙂

  4. bug Says:

    I am a long time bookpedia user and fan, but I’m really NOT happy about the recent update. (for which I wasn’t able to use the coupon and had to pay full price, BTW.)

    I’m guessing this is something that Amazon imposed on you, but dang is this complex and inconvenient. And, now I have to share my information with Amazon–which gives them even more information about what I’m reading. And my credit card. Sigh.

    I think this “feature” needs to be made more clear–I’m sorry, but I would not have upgraded had I known this was required. So far I’ve been able to find 1 out of 10 books I tried to add–mainly because I have a lot of e-books.


  5. Nora Says:

    I’m sorry to hear you’re not happy with the upgrade. If you don’t want Amazon having your information there are several other websites included in Bookpedia that offer you book information as well. Have you tried OpenLibrary, Wikipedia or Freebase for example?
    Of course you’re welcome to return to version 4 if you’d prefer – this is not a mandatory upgrade. You should have contacted us about the coupon that wasn’t applied correctly. Please send us an email if you’d like to downgrade back to version 4 so I can get you a refund for the upgrade or a partial refund for the missing upgrade coupon if you decide to stick with version 5.